Association of Mountain Rescue Organizations of B&H

Association of Mountain Rescue Organizations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MRB, is the Union of Mountain Rescue Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina founded in 2014. MRB brings together all rescue services and clubs, nongovernment and non-for-profit organizations engaged in rescuing in inaccessible areas on land, underground, on water and under water in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The primary mission of MRB is to create conditions for development of all rescue categories in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is thus an indispensable and reliable partner to all government institutions dealing with protection and rescue. save human life and to help those in jeopardy. Key aim, desire and intention of MRB is to train and equip rescue teams that are ready to timely and proper respond to all challenges in the whole territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

MRB has more than 600 active members. All members of MRB keep carrying out strenuous and demanding exercises and trainings, improving their knowledge and skills in helping their fellow citizens whenever and wherever they can. All members of MRB are trained to act under the most difficult weather conditions, to function under extreme stress of dangerous situations and challenges facing them.

MRB is active in 5 rescue categories:

  • Ground rescue
  • Cave rescue
  • Search and rescue
  • Water rescue
  • Underwater rescue

In more than 350 yearly intervention MRB provides prompt respond to calls for helps in searching and rescuing missing and endangered persons who need specific knowledge and skills that MRB members have. Due to the fact that in recent several years number of disasters that have stricken Bosnia and Herzegovina is increasing, it is expected that the number of actions for MRB in future years will also steadily increase.

So far MRB did not directly participate in R&D activities in the sense that is planned in this project. To facilitate our full inclusion in research activities MRB counts on TECSR, who will act as the regional RTD lead and guide us in this process.

Role of MRB in the project: MRB will participate in this project as a practitioner, sharing their specific knowledge of needs, constraints and challenges in the variety of mountain rescue operations that are characteristic to the region of Bosnia and Herzegovina (WP2). MRB will participate with our rescuers in project workshops and other co-development activities to help the consortium to obtain adequate information on the environmental exposure, physical effort and high stakes stress impacts during ground, search and rescue and cave rescue operations. In the infield testing of SIXTHSENSE prototypes, MRB will provide training facilities (for earlier stages) and real-world operations (for the later prototype) to measure stress level on rescuer’s body during rescue operation in rough mountain terrain and/or caves.