BiFlow Systems GmbH

Founded in 2010, BiFlow Systems (BFS, is a SME that develops and commercializes highly innovative microfluidic solutions which provide a unique combination of properties. The use of proprietary system integration technologies allows combining low-cost fabrication of microfluidic devices with integrated, disposable micropumps, microvalves and means for local heating. The chips are self-contained and can be used together with a tiny control electronics and software that enable customers to run even complex bio-assays at the point of need just by “clicking a Start button”.

The applied technology platform allows the manufacturing of microfluidic systems, which are, in comparison to their high degree of integration, low-cost. Such highly-integrated systems can be used within a variety of application fields, for example in-vitro diagnostics, for one-way dispensing tasks, for biosensor integration.

BiFlow Systems therefore combines various competencies, including microfluidic design, prototyping, manufacturing, electronics and software development, and instrumentation. The company offers microfluidic standard products as well as customized developments within the fields of microfluidics and diagnostics, miniaturization of bio-assays as well as biosensor integration.

Role of BFS in the project: BiFlow contributes to the project with actuation and system integration technology for the minimal-invasive biosensor (WP5). In addtion, the company supports partners providing evaluation solutions for its core technologies in the early stage of the project. This will allow the fundamental researchers to understand the necessities of commercial Lab-on-Chip devices. This mutual exchange on a technical level can lead to new ideas and an increased outcome of the project.