Global Electronic Solutions d.o.o

Global Electronic Solutions d.o.o. (GES, is an R&D company located in Novi Sad, Serbia and our market is primarily orientated towards European countries. GES specializes in research, development and production of medical devices, industrial devices and industrial automation systems, IoT devices and platforms, and software development. GES has a team of qualified professionals who are always up to date with the latest technology. GES’ unique design approach is especially recognizable by its innovative, miniature and low energy consumption solutions. GES has plenty of experience in development, design and production of the small series of embedded systems for a number of different scientific and commercial projects. We are proud to say that many of our R&D solutions became successful products on a global market.

GES combines the knowledge of highly educated engineers in the field of biomedical engineering, automation, electronics and informatics, where many of them are holding a Ph.D. degree. GES’ experience is available to its customers for the purpose of finding technically and financially optimal solutions. The company was founded by professors from the University of Novi Sad thanks to which it has a close scientific collaboration with its faculties, most notably Faculty of Technical Sciences. Other than the founders, the company also employs other experts from the aforementioned faculty.

Role of GES in the project: Global Electronic Solutions has plenty of experience in development and prototype production of the multi-pad transcutaneous electrical stimulators and multichannel acquisition systems. In accordance with GES’ expertise and experience, GES is in charge of development, design and prototype production of electronic units of the Sixthsense system including the stimulator unit for electrotactile feedback, the unit for signal acquisition from different sensors and their integration in one usable system suitable for testing and verification.