Senetics Healthcare Group

Senetics healthcare group GmbH & Co. KG (SHG, is a developing and consulting company (SME) located in Ansbach (Germany) with experiences in the fields of R&D, medical technology, pharmacy and biotechnology. The business activities contain a great expertise in biological purposes such as testing, medicine and regulatory affairs, trainings and consulting regarding the product placement of new products, development of integral marketing strategies, support of business expansion, and finally contract work in the research field.

Senetics has a lot of experience in developing medical devices. For example, a telemedicine monitoring device has been developed together with industry partners. Especially in the field of diabetes, a high degree of competence and experience can be demonstrated. Dr. Wolfgang Sening supported many companies establishing innovative medical devices through biomedical testings, the correct documentation and also supported them regarding all relevant standards. Recently Senetics is developing a wearable hydration sensing device for home care using sensor data fusion. The company has further experience in software development for medical applications, such as mobile control of wheel chairs.

Role of SHG in the project: The company is mainly involved in the development of sensor devices and sensor data fusion algorithms. Senetics will be coordinator work package 5, which focuses on development and validation of data fusion algorithms. The main tasks of Senetics are:

  • implementation of existing sensory systems for detecting vital sign parameters
  • design of sensors for adapted vital sign monitoring
  • design of means for synchronised acquisition of multiple sensors
  • development of data fusion and coding
  • definition of use cases
  • validation of sensors with in-vitro tissue models