SMARTEX s.r.l (ST, is a small limited liability company founded in 1999 with the aim of developing e-textile or new electronics structures compatible with textile processes and manufactures. Core activity is the implementation of bio sensing apparels (Tshirts, bands, vests, etc.) able to monitor vital signals, as electrocardiograms, heart rate, respiration signal and rate, index of activity as well as bio-potentials like EMG. Moreover, systems based on piezoresistive textile sensors allow acquiring biomechanical signals for the recognition of gesture and posture. Smartex has also gained experience in the design and the implementation of textile solutions for biochemical sensing and body liquid handling. Smartex owns the intellectual property and the technical knowledge to implement the textile sensing, the acquisition and the extrapolation of parameters in different applications spanning from sport to clinical rehabilitation. The team is composed by electronic engineers, one textile designer, bioengineers and physicists. Smartex is an equal opportunity employer. Current ratio of female/male employees is 57/43.

Smartex has a significant experience in the development of safe, comfortable and easy-to-use interfaces between human and devices, focusing on the fabrication of multifunctional interactive fabrics, flexible and conformable to the human body for enabling the delivery of services, devices, products in areas such as:

  • health monitoring: health promotion, disease prevention and remote care;
  • quality of life and wellbeing in workers.
  • rehabilitation;
  • health assistance: disability compensation for higher quality of life;
  • sport medicine: function support and body monitoring;

Role of ST in the project: Smartex will coordinate the WP9, where it will be in charge of the system integration activities aimed to gather results from all other WPs that are required for development of Alpha, Beta and Gamma system prototypes and the production of the SIXTHSENSE functional prototypes in each stage. It will also participate in the Dissemination (WP10) and contribute to several tasks in other WPs.