Since its foundation in 1992, TELEGROUP (TG, has grown into a system that includes a number of technology companies specializing in the development and implementation of business IT solutions and the construction of IT, telecommunication and power infrastructure. With 42 million euros in revenues, 340 employees and more than 600 certificates, TELEGROUP is successfully operating on the wider market of Europe and the Middle East. It has legal entities in Germany, the UK, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Montenegro as well as in, the Middle East (Lebanon). Thanks to the understanding of business processes, which is a fundamental element in the process of digital transformation of business, TELEGROUP is able to provide users from different sectors with optimal solutions for connecting, digitizing, automating and protecting all segments of business and processes. With our extensive knowledge and experience in design and implementation of wireless networks, radio links and two way radio solutions in environments and operations that require seamless coordination and instant communication, TELEGROUP expert team enables the highest level of reliability and availability to specific businesses – state and public security agencies, emergency services, charity organizations, power industry, transportation, logistics, retail and many more. Our GOAL is to contribute to the continuing development of the society, whether it is economic, social or environmental issues. In cooperation with different organizations, TELEGROUP is developing initiatives that help overcome the challenges in the fields of science, education, inclusion of socially vulnerable groups, culture and art, health and environmental protection.

TELEGROUP has previous experience that is relevant to the project:

  • Tracking in ski resort, Kopaonik, Serbia – IoT sensors in LoRa network with cloud enabled software platform for location-based tracking of skiers, 2019.
  • Digitalization od radio network, Airports in Montenegro and Serbia, 2018.
  • Lusail Expressway project, Traffic Tech, Doha, Qatar – fiber telecommunication finfrastructure with emergency roadside voice system, 2017.
  • Critical communications system, BHANSA air traffic control agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2017.
  • Satellite system for IPTV head-ends, Cable & Wireless, Seychelles, 2015.

Role of TG in the project: Participant in WP8 and WP9. TELEGROUP Germany GmbH is a system integrator company with its long history and proven references as the leader in the field of communication and collaboration systems. As such, TG will be responsible for designing and implementation of radio networks and complex communication systems which will be built using different kinds of radio and wireless technologies, such as satelite communications, 2G/3G/4G/5G, radio-relay links and TETRA. With a deep knowledge and expertise, TG will closely work with leaders of WPs on designing, development, testing and integration of Telecommunication segment of the whole solution.