Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gumpoldskirchen

Freiwillige Feuerwehr Gumpoldskirchen (FFG, will participate in the SIXTHSENSE project as a practitioner, sharing 150 years of experience and domain knowledge in actual needs, constrains and challenges occurring in firefighting industrial, forest & wild fires, rescue operations from cars, flooding, technical disasters, in extreme conditions.

FFG consist of 95 voluntary members, 63 active male firefighters and 3 female firefighters, 18 reservists, and 8 young firefighting kids. The personal is specially trained for forest fire fighting, industrial and house fires, technical rescue, chemical accidents, diving, flying, flooding, command and control and handling big disasters.

FFG has extensive experience in work progress with wild & forest fires, flooding, search & rescue, staff working and disaster management and for critical communications.

Implementing special training and skills education for first responder platform implementations, and research directions relevant to achieve the goals of the project.

Building scenarios for trainings and measurements of human factors in real live simulated trainings sessions for deep learning.

Role of FFG in the project: FFG will be a practitioner and WP-partner on the WPs dedicated to requirements and use case definition (WP2), simulated test conditions and dissemination (WP10) and active field test and integration.

FFG will participate with its firefighters and medical team in all project workshops and other co-development activities to help the consortium to obtain adequate information on the environmental exposure, physical effort and high stakes stress impacts during firefighting events and operations. In the field testing of SIXTHSENSE prototypes, FFG will provide training facilities (for earlier stages) and realworld operations (for the later prototype) in rough fire simulation containers, forest areas and chemical industries.

FFG will also present project activities and results within the international organizations, in order to raise the awareness and improve willingness of first responder organizations to adopt new technologies and take active role in technology development.