Pilot testing of Beta prototype for electrotactile stimulation in relevant conditions for mountain rescue scenarios of interest

From March 24th until March 28th the pilot testing of Beta prototype for electrotactile stimulation was tested in Kopaonik, the biggest mountain resort in Serbia.

The aim was to test the electrotactile communication protocols defined in D7.8 with the Beta prototype electrode defined in D7.6 in relevant winter conditions.

Ten participants took part in the endeavour which comprised skiing in crowded tracks and uphill walking during the day and at night.

The results clearly indicate that the approach is feasible and does not pose a significant distraction in performing these activities.

A foreign mission and a SIXTHSENSE use-case scenario

While some of us were spending our vacation during hot August days enjoying the sea view, in the late night of August 4th to August 5th a foreign KHD mission in Northern Macedonia was alerted, and a team of Lower Austrian Forest Fire specialists and other comrades (including members of FF Gumpoldskirchen and ELFR, as well as additional teams from Slovenia and Bulgaria) was assembled.

While the response team drove for nearly 1500 km, the necessary equipment and logistics followed along by train. After 30 hours of strenuous travelling, it was time to put the response team under even more strain in the area where almost 3000 hectares of forest and meadows was in flames or burned down, due to a long period of drought (40-45˚C). Whole villages were threatened by the fire.